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Dear Readers,

We're back again with an update on the shop. April brings two wonderful events we will be attending, and we hope you'll come out and support us and see all the things we have to offer.

This month we still have our wonderful ambassadors promoting our candles on Instagram. So, if you haven't yet, go check out @bookfayre.lyfe and @yeseniaa_j.

This month we are introducing a beautiful pillar candle wrapped in flowers and vines. Apricot Grove and Lilies of the Valley will be the scents this candle will be boasting.

On a personal note, we just finished spring break and started back for the 4th quarter, and I feel I didn't really get a rest on the spring break. As Spring comes so many outdoor projects are meant to get done, taking me away from the shop as well. But we are hoping to be adding soap in the fall and we are currently experimenting with various types.

As promised, here are this month's events and we do hope you'll be able to come and see us.



Master Your Garden Expo

Saturday April 13, 202410 AM to 6 PM

Sunday April 14, 202410 AM to 4 PM

Camp Jordan Arena

East Ridge, TN

Wandering Dragon Medieval Market

April 20, 2024

Knoxville Expo Center

Knoxville, TN

9 AM - 4 PM

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Happy New Year!

We hoped everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

We’re very excited about a few new things we are planning on bringing in this year.

To start with, we will be launching our Valentines candle line at the end of January. We are happy to announce that this February our theme is Romance Tropes! We’d love to hear what your favorite tropes are! But be on the lookout on our socials for sneak peaks and hints as to what tropes we’ve chosen! We are also planning on bringing in a few pillar candle options this year. Nothing says romantic dinner without the lit candles. They bring the perfect ambience to any lover’s plans.

Also, we are going to be launching a Rep search in the spring to promote our candles on other social media outlets.

Coming later in the year we are hoping to also be offering up soap to add to our repertoire.

So be on the lookout for these great things along with updates to festivals we will be joining in the coming seasons.

Blessings from the shop and happy creating.

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December is here and I have two festivals left for the year. If you're in the Cleveland/Chattanooga, TN area please come check us out.

-Dec 2nd: Grit and Grace Holiday Market - Cleveland, TN

- Dec 16th: Tennessee Festival of Vendors - Hixson Community Center, Hixson, TN

We have some fun Holiday TV Contest candle titles this winter, along with adding some festive candle molds. They are up in the shop and ready to purchase.

I'm also happy to announce I have a social media brand ambassador for the month of December! Go check out @iamveronicaroy on IG and TikTok and check out her #MercyThompson posts. Go to the shop and use her special discount code to get 15% any item!

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