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Frequently Asked Questions

What wax do we use?

We use a Coconut Soy wax blend. We use this wax as it lasts longer than other soy waxes. We also found that it holds the fragrance better, as we like to make strongly scented candles here at Soothing Embers Co.

Do you accept Returns?

No. We do our best to give you all the information you need upfront about our candles and the fragrances that go in them. Also once a candle is burned, we cannot resell it.

Why do your candles costs so much?

The cost of our homemade, hand poured candles is based off of the cost of supplies and our time  making the candle and marketing it ( photography, reels, social media planning and posting) etc. Our prices are fair and match the costs of similar products in this industry.

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