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Hey guys,

I know it's been a while but we are all settled at our new base in Tennessee. I'm really excited about getting our line up for fall and winter and meeting some of you out at the fall and winter festivals we've got lined up! It's going to be a great candle season and I hope you join us for some fun seasonal festivities!

Happy Candle Season!


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Dear Subscribers.

I have not been a good blogger, but we have had a very busy season. This first year has been very educational with a lot of trial and error in learning how to get our business up and running. And now we are moving and going to be revamping and making several changes over the next few months. We will be taking a break from the website as we adjust in our new space but will hope to be back with you in a few months time.

I hope this year has held many blessings for you and that you and yours spend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year together.

Soothing Embers Co

Jessica Pandit

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Hello Readers!,

So we are in month three since our launch. It has been a ride. I am learning so much about; myself, creating content on social media, signing up for farmers markets and craft fairs. There is still a lot to learn as I carve out my niche in this industry. But also normal everyday mom life has been crazy. My kids have had strep throat, we're all adjusting to new daycare and summer camp schedules. My husband is starting a new job. It has been crazy, few months. And i have not been able to give this business my all. But that's okay. I'm new, and I'm learning and growing and giving myself some much needed GRACE!!!!

We all need to remember to let ourselves off the hook every once in a while. We are not perfect and

we cannot do all the things, all by ourselves, all of the time. It is physically impossible. So for those who are truly giving it the all that they have to give every day, take a breather, and forgive yourself for not meeting your goals this week/month. Keep pressing forward and even if its a crawl you will get there.

Candle wise I will not be putting out any summer scents, and holding all my creative ideas for fall and winter. I'm excited to announce we will be adding diffusers and wax melts to our inventory and I'm looking forward to having a full selection come out in Early September. So enjoy your summer and be on the lookout for some cozy scents coming at you later this year!

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