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Hey Friend!

I'm so excited to be starting this candle journey with all of you. I'm a stay at home mom who misses her artistic friends. This little candle shop is how I hope to help continue to encourage and support you in your creativity within the artistic realm.

Candles are usually symbolic of peace and serenity. Lighting one means you are taking that moment to calm your mind and spirit and hopefully just breathe. Sometimes we get so caught up on all of the things we are doing that we need that little reminder to rest, breathe, clear our mind and let inspiration come.

Why fictional and fantastical names? Well I'm a book worm who loves mostly fantasy and historical fiction. So many of my candles will be named after themes and characters I've come to love. However, I do hope to build a collection of artistic themed candles, but more on that latter.

Well, I have children hanging off my arms begging for attention, so I'm signing off and hope to see you all in March when we launch!!!



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